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Hello Thunder Vista Families 8.28.2020

We hope you and your student(s) have enjoyed these first few days in virtual Thunder Vista!  Although we expected there would be some challenges for our students, families, and staff as we enter this journey of synchronous online learning together, it has gone smoother than anticipated. We experienced some district wide issues with the Zoom virtual meeting platform due to a recent upgrade purchased by our district to support our virtual learning community. Also, some of our students and families had challenges logging into schoology and a few others had some device issues. Fortunately, we had a team of staff members ready to triage and provide support.  Members of our staff also navigated some connectivity issues in their remote work spaces and are working to mitigate those.

We appreciate all of your work and partnership in making this a special and positive start to the school year.  Many of us, as a Thunder Vista community, have experienced anxiety about successfully navigating this new system and the numerous examples of our strong partnership, especially experienced in the last couple of weeks, have been reassuring and inspiring. We continue to be thankful and appreciative of the support and positive feedback we’ve received the last few days as we all navigate this new way of school. This feedback helps us replicate what we know is working and most importantly, it enhances staff morale. We shared this Kid Superintendent video with our staff and we thought you might enjoy it too. 

Please continue to let us know of any questions or concerns. Next week, we will continue to triage support for individuals struggling to access our virtual school. If you are experiencing issues accessing class meetings or schoology, we ask that when you send an email requesting support that you send it to both parties per grade level band in order to improve response time:

Kinder - 2nd Grade: and

3rd - 5th Grade: and 

6th - 8th Grade: and 

Students and families that are in need of technology devices or internet access can complete this form on the District webpage.  Families will need to complete this form with the exact concern and a member of the Adams 12 IT department will be in contact and help meet your needs.

As a reminder, our website is full of helpful and up to date information.  Please take special note of upcoming calendar events.  Additionally, district communications regarding COVID and remote learning updates can be found here.

With Gratitude,

Teresa Benallo, Amanda Beuke, and Manissa Featherstone