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Mrs. Koel's Class

General Education

¡Bienvenidos a Español!

I'm excited to be teaching your kids Spanish this year!  I have so many wonderful memories of learning Spanish in middle school, myself.  This year, I'm teaching 4th & 5th grade Spanish as part of the Elementary "Specials" rotation, as well as Level 1 & 2 to my middle school students.  At all levels, I strive to provide the students with daily opportunities to listen, speak , read and write in Spanish.  Students at all levels will access my class information via Schoology.  Schoology is a learning management system that allows students to see assignments, submit their work, participate in class discussions and communicate with me.  Looking forward to a great year together!  

An Unprecedented Year, Sin Duda

I want to send out my hearfelt appreciation to you for all of your flexibility and support as we continue to engage in ALL kinds of  learning and learning models in 2021. It seems like every time we get used to one learning model/schedule, we're being asked to start something new!   I promise to extend lots of grace your way and hope you'll do the same for me during this oh-so-unprecedented year.    During this time, my middle school classes will use Schoology to access & submit all assignments. Elementary students will also have access to Schoology, though most of their instruction will be done off of the computer.   If your student needs help, inspiration or someone to share in their learning experience, I am more than happy to connect with them on email or Zoom.  

Current Classes: 

Spanish 1 (Access Agendas & Assignments in Schoology this year): Combined 7th/8th grade class
Spanish 2 (Access Agendas & Assignments in Schoology this year): 8th grade class 
5th grade (currently on a 5-6 week rotation & using Schoology some in conjunction with songs, games, Sr Wooly & more)

Office Hours:

I am here and available to support you. Please feel free to reach out:  Send me an email at anytime, or meet me in a Zoom session so that we can work together.  Please let me know and we can arrange a time that fits your needs and my schedule.  


Middle school students will continue to be graded using the district standards based grading scale (1-4).