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Ms. Sutphin's Class


Welcome to Miss Sutphin's Online Learning! 

First of all I am wishing all of you health, happiness, and peace! Just know I miss your bright, shining faces and warm hugs! Although this platform for learning may not look the same, I am still very excited to go on a new journey with you, where I hope we can learn and grow together!

You are going to find lots of different resources on this website. Please look for your specific grade level or class in the links to the left of screen. All of these classes will use Google Classroom for the main form of posting assignments and activities so please make sure you know you Adams 12 username and password. 

Listed below you will see a more in depth explanation of my expectations for distance learning. Remember in this uncertain time give yourself, your family and your teachers patience and grace as we discover this new way of learning together! Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Standards in Music

Music focuses on four main standards which I look forward to exploring in our unique learning path. 

1. Expression of Music

The expression of music is the process of practice, refinement, and performance of acquired musical knowledge and skills to communicate a range of thoughts and emotions.

2. Creation of Music

The creation of music is the demonstration of learned skills in the composition, improvisation, and arranging of music.

3. Theory of Music

The theory of music is the understanding of the distinctive language, conventions, mechanics, and structure of organized sound. Investigation of music theory allows for a more complete understanding of all aspects of the musical process.

4. Aesthetic Valuation of Music

The aesthetic valuation of music focuses on the knowledge and perspectives needed to make informed evaluations and critiques of music. It also addresses the historical, cultural, and societal contexts which are often the beauty, heart, and soul of music.

Middle School Attendance and Grading


Attendance for middle school students will be based on submission of weekly assignmnets posted to Google Classroom. 

All assignments that are posted will be due by 3:30 pm on Friday.   


Google Classroom assignment submissions are how grades will be determined for students. 

     4       Completed and Exceeded Expectation
3 Completed
2 Almost Complete, Almost Met Expectaition
1 Did not Complete

(All assignments are created based on grade level standards.) 

Students grades on assignments will be posted in Infinite Campus.  If an assignment received an incomplete score, the teacher will provide specific and timely feedback explaining how to enhance the work moving forward.  The district suggests students spread out their work over the week, which allows a more manageable learning cycle for students. Grading remotely is a new concept for all students. This will require a commitment to the honor system. Parents are welcome to support their child with clarifications, directions, and any modifications based-on your child’s unique needs; however, the assignment needs to reflect the child’s understanding.   


Monday 12 - 2pm               
Tuesday 10 - 11am & 1 - 2 pm
Wednesday 8 - 10am
Thursday 10 - 11am & 1 - 2 pm
Friday 8 - 10am

You can always reach out with any questions during or outside of office hours at

Please keep in mind you will get a more timely answer during office hours. 

My goal is for your child to be creative, discover, and find a passion for music in any capacity!

Music can often be an escape and put minds at ease when the world feels chaotic....

Enjoy some of the new music discoveries I have found in these uncertain times

Filepure imagination (flipped).mp4