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7th Grade

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Welcome to the 7th grade page on the Thunder Vista website. This page should serve as an important starting point for all 7th grade information.  Here you can find recent news and upcoming events for 7th grade. For more detailed information about your child's classrooms please visit the appropriate classroom for your child's teacher. 

Password Reset

As part of annual password maintenance, passwords for Five Star students in grades 2-12 were reset.

The next time that your student logs into their account, their password will have the following format: 

Click here for the Student Portal


 MM = Month of birth

DD = Date of birth

YY = last 2 digits of year of birth

Student Schedules

Students now have access to see their schedules in Infinite Campus if the primary household has completed on-line check in.  To complete the online check-in process if you haven't already done so, log in to your Infinite Campus (IC) parent portal account here.

To find your student’s schedule,a parent guardian or student can log into their Infinite Campus portal account and:

  • click on ‘More’ listed on the left hand side

  • click ‘Adams 12 Tools’,

  • click on IC Student Schedule.   


7th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Tolitsky 7 Grade Science

Subject: Science
Welcome to 7th Grade Science! This school year will begin on Thursday, August 25th.  We are startig school remotely but it will be synchronous everyday except for Wednesday.  All of the information for science can be located in the Schoology...