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8th Grade


The eighth grade team will be teaching/living the motto “Keep Climbing.” We will use the comparison of this last year of middle school as one major peak in the range of mountains that is life. When we climb a mountain, we have to plan, prepare, and persevere. As we climb, there will be parts that feel smooth and pleasant, while others will feel steep and demanding, but we always keep climbing, putting one foot in front of the other. This metaphor is an excellent representation of the things we value, especially in this school year. 

  • We value community. Supporting, helping, challenging, inspiring, and collaborating with each other are an important part of what we will do on this team. Students will move between these roles to ensure our team community is safe, productive, and meaningful.

  • We value goals. Setting goals grounded in team habits (see below) gives us focus, and students will be asked to employ that goal in each of their core classes. At the end of the day, students will reflect and self-assess their progress on that goal.

  • We value mistakes. Mistakes mean we’re trying new things or applying our learning in great, challenging ways. We use mistakes to teach us something so that when we try, try again, each time we are better equipped.


  • Connection: Applying past knowledge to new situations

  • Metacognition: Thinking about your thinking and how you came up with those thoughts

  • Persistence: Looking for ways to meet your goal, even when you’re stuck

  • Interdependence: Working and learning from others

  • Clarity/Precision: Explaining and justify why

  • Questioning: Asking genuine questions to deepen understanding

Action Reflection form

8th Grade Classrooms

Mrs. Bode's 8th Grade English

Subject: English
In English Language Arts class, we focus on reading deeply, writing clearly, thinking critically, and speaking confidently. Our reader’s workshop includes mini-lessons, shared reading, and conferencing. Using primarily the genre study method, we...

Mr. Sutphin's 8th Grade Science

Subject: Science
Welcome to 8th Grade Science. This lab-oriented class will emphasize the use of observation, exploration, experimentation, and data analysis skills as we cover the following content areas: Scientific Investigations, Physical Science, Life...