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Mrs. Schankweiler's 7th Grade Math


We will be using Schoology as an eClassroom. If you have any questions or concerns you to contact me directly via email.  I am looking forward to a great year!

2020-2021 Distance Learning:      

  • Learning will be housed on Schoology.  Check there for all resources and work.  

  • Office Hours: Every Wednesday from 8-10 and 10-11 will be by appointment only.  It will be the same link that is in Schoology.

  • If you have any issues joining the class, just email me. ( )

  • Students will continue to be graded using Standards Based Grading Scale (1-4).  I will let you know on the weeks plan as to what will be graded.  All other assignments will be considered practice and will be marked complete or incomplete.  

  • Score Description
    4 Student independently performed tasks that are above the grade-level content, exceeding the 7th-grade standard. To earn a 4, there must be no teacher support, so reteaching on level 4 tasks are not available.

    Student independently performed tasks that represent real-world problems on the 7th-grade standard often after practice and support have been given. Redos after a reteach are still considered independent since students must realize their mistakes and fix them.



    Student performed skill level tasks that represent the 7th-grade standard but is still struggling with real-world problems unless teacher support is there.



    Even with teacher support, the student has not performed skill level tasks and real-world tasks.

    M Blank or missing grades mean the work has not been completed to a satisfactory level. For formative assessments, it will stay blank/M once the test is taken. Tests may be completed at any time before the end of a quarter for credit.
    I An insufficient amount of the assessment was completed to evaluate



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