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Parent Resources

Our Mental Wellness team is available to partner with you in order to best support your child. Please contact us with concerns. If you are unable to contact a member of our team and you have concerns about student safety, please use the resources below to access immediate health support for your child. If it is an immediate concern, please contact 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

I Matter- a program that provides up to 3 free counseling sessions for Colorado youth (ages 12-18) as a part of House Bill 21-1258. Check out this article from Chalkbeat for more information. I Matter has a Spanish version of the site

To have help finding resources to begin family conversations regarding race and racism as well as inclusion and gender identity, please follow these links:

Talking to Children and Youth about Race and Racism

Why Pronouns Matter - a quick guide to explain what personal pronouns are and why they matter

To have help finding a bit of calm, please visit the link below for resources and activities to manage stress:

Digital Calm Corner- go here to for visual relaxation, sounds & music, guided relaxation, color & create, and movement activities 

Stress Less - a slide deck students and families can click through to find techniques and strategies to alleviate stress/anxiety/worry

Virtual Relaxation Room - go here for a quick mini breathing break or to listen to calming music

What is Mindfulness?- go here for a quick video on what mindfulness is and strategies 

Conscious Discipline - a website with webinars and parenting resources that focus on connection and problem-solving

Cultures of Dignity - focusing on young people's physical and emotional wellbeing, this site includes links to the organization's helpful tiny guides

To have help understanding the vaping epidemic, please access the following links:

E-Cigarettes & JUUL: What Schools and Parents Should Know- This presentation provides basic information about the youth vaping epidemic, e-cigarettes and JUUL, and explains how CATCH My Breath can help schools. 

What is an E-cigarette? -E-cigarettes are a type of electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) and their appearance can vary from resembling a conventional cigarette to a USB flash drive. They use a nicotine liquid often called e-liquid or e-juice, which is often sweet or candy flavored, to deliver nicotine to the body. While they were developed as a means to help smokers quit, they have rapidly become the new means of nicotine addiction, especially among young people. This video explains e-cigarettes in detail.