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Science Matters

Note: This is a tuition based activity.  These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Adams 12 Five Star Schools,its Board, the Superintendent, or this school.

Science Matters

• Price: $90 for each session


Register at:

1-866-KIDZ FUN (1-866-543-9386)

Grades:  K-5

Thunder Vista P-8

• Class meets on Thursdays from 3:15-4:15 pm in the Room B146
• Each session meets for 5 weeks
• Price: $90 for each session

Session 1

September: 15, 22, 29 

October:  6, 20

Bristle Bots - Mix science and imagination to design and build your very own motorized moving Bristle
Bot. Discover your inner artist and make a robot that draws. Join us to explore the science of circuits,
electromagnetism and motion. Prepare your Bots for drag racing and wrestling. Finally, put all your
knowledge to the test to engineer the perfect Robot Critter to take home. Starts 9/15/22

Session 2

October:  27 

November:  3, 10, 17

 December: 1, 12

Machine Madness - Build a catapult, create art with a spirograph, and invent your own
air-powered car as we learn the laws of motion. Spring into action with this club! From
skateboards to Merry-Go-Rounds, we'll learn how to harness the natural forces that make
machines tick. So much physics fun it will make your head spin. Starts 10/27/22

Session 3 

January:  12, 19, 26

 February:  2, 9

Pop! Bang! Fizz! - A little of this, a little of that, some wild reactions is where it's at! Make a slushy
treat to eat and see Soda Slobber. We'll make water disappear and play with snow that never melts. Then -
make some Slime that looks alive! You won't believe that our mixing fun can teach some science before
it's done. With a Pop, or a Bang, or even some Fizz, you have become a chemistry whiz! Starts 1/12/23

Session 4

February 23

March:  2, 9, 16, 30

Super Science Smorgasbord - It’s a Grab Bag of Science. Make a Science Matters Hopper
that can jump 12 feet; create your own rock collection and explore the Rock Cycle; see a cloud
in a bottle; become a Science Illusionist and use science to amaze your friends with science
tricks. With a little of this and a little of that it’s fun for everyone. Starts 2/23/23

Session 5

April:  6, 13, 20, 27

May:  4

Countertop Chemistry - Turn your kitchen into a lab with these experiments that you can do at
home. See our Cool Blue Light and explore luminescence, make your own gooey worms, and make an
Invisible Friend using chemistry. Of course, play with polymers. We'll also make some kitchen
chemistry that you can eat. Please note: this camp will include dairy and gluten and chocolate. It’s
home science that teaches. Starts 4/6/23