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Grades K-5 -Assessment Day- Middle School attends as normal

Date & Time: 
Friday, January 14, 2022 (All day)

Friday, December 14th  is our scheduled district assessment day for grades K-5.

Teachers will communicate with parents for student sign up. Students will attend at their assigned testing time only.

  • The assessment day is for elementary grades (K-5) only.  

  • Middle School students have a regular school day on December 14.

  • No school for preschool students. 

  • Students will only be able to enter through the main entrance of the school (in the front of our building by flagpole) and should go directly to their classroom.  

  • Due to our middle school being in session on this day, parents will not be able to walk their student to the classroom for the assessment.  If you plan to wait for your child, you will need to wait outside of the building or in the main entrance vestibule area.  

  • When students are finished with their assessment, they will be dismissed.  Please be sure to set up a meeting point with your student so they know where to meet you when they are finished with the assessment.  The best plan would be to have them meet you outside the front entrance of the school where you dropped them off.