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Gifted & Talented

*****Due to the extension of remote learning related to COVID-19, all AAGS processes have been changed and modified to fit remote learning. This includes Whole Grade and Subject Acceleration, Early Access to Kindergarten and First Grade, Gifted Identification and the submission of Talent Area Portfolios for Gifted Identification. We do plan on moving forward with all elements of GT programming.  More information about testing dates, the identification process, and ALP deadlines will be posted on our website in the next coming weeks.  Thank you for your grace, patience and understanding during this time.

Our School’s GT Coordinator(s) Contact Information

  • Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher and GT Coordinator: Mandy Festi        Email:
  • Elementary GT Coordinator: Brittany Tunget                       Email: 


When is GT testing in my school?

Universal Screening: In Adams 12 Five Star Schools, 2nd and 6th graders who are not already identified GT participate in the Universal Screening process for potential gifted and talented identification. Find more detailed information regarding Universal Screening in the Five Star District.

Important dates for the Universal Screening process at our school:

2nd Grade Screener: tbd

6th Grade CogAT Screener: tbd

All other Grades CogAT Screener: Nov. 30th & Dec. 1st, 2021

**GT Testing takes place in-person. If the student is engaged in remote learning, they will still need to
attend in-person for the testing session.

Parent/Staff/Student GT Recommendation:  If you are interested in having your child be considered for the GT
identification process there will be a recommendation form avaliable in the fall. 

Link to request that your child be considered for the GT identification process: Our deadline for nominations this year has passed. 

Once you have completed the link, it will take approximately 1 week after the due date for you to receive notice from
AAGS requesting permission. You can find more detailed information regarding the GT recommendation process in
the Five Star District at the AAGS website.

Important dates for the GT Recommendation process at our school:  Please return your Parent- School Partnership form to your students teacher or our GT coordinators. 

Gifted & Talented Program Offerings

Advanced Curriculum & Extended Learning:  “The Vehicle”
Provides the depth and complexity needed to ensure meaningful academic growth
Our school offerings include:

  • Battle of the Books
  • National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)
  • ST Math online programming
  • Math Counts Club 
  • Noetic Learning Math Contest

Differentiated Learning Pathways:  “The Roadmap”
Provides an education at the appropriate level of readiness and challenge
Our school offerings include:

  • Coding with Kids Club
  • Future Pediatrician school for Elementary Students
  • Spelling Bee Participation 

Individualized Opportunities & Enrichment:  “The Customized Options”
Actively engages and motivates through interests and meaningful learning opportunities
Our school offerings include: 

  • Passion projects for all elementary and middle school students
  • Kids Create Studio Glitter and Glow
  • Chess Club Wednesdays
  • Mandarin and Chinese Language Learning
  • Spanish Language Learning
  • Bricks for Kidz
  • Net Sports
  • Before School Sports Clubs
  • Before School Soccer
  • Lions Relay Club

Offered only for middle school selected students:

  • Honor Choir
  • Honor Band
  • Honor Orchestra
  • Thunder Vista Scoop (Newspaper)
  • Student Leadership
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Broadcast and Print Media

Social-Emotional Learning:  “The Destination”
Focuses on developing the whole child by balancing empowerment and accountability
Our school offerings include:

  • Advisory classes in all middle school levels to support social and emotional growth
  • Second Step Social and Emotional Curriculum
  • Access to student family outreach programs
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Systems

Gifted and Talented Parent Group Information for Adams 12 Parents: Gifted Parents Group facilitates the growth and success of Adams 12 Five Star Schools Gifted and Talented (GT) students by addressing the unique needs of this student population and their families. We hope you will join us and become involved for the benefit of your family and all Five Star District GT families.

Purpose: As the organization was formed, discussions around important potential activities that would be beneficial to the Gifted and Talented (GT) community were grouped into the following five areas of focus:

  • Resources:  identification of GT resource gaps and work to provide needed resources through collaboration with parents, schools, the school district and the community
  • Policy:  participation in the development, implementation and communication of GT-related district guidelines and policies in conjunction with district staff
  • Advocacy:  act as advocates for GT students, families, parent groups, schools and GT programs to affect change at the school, district or state level
  • Education:  facilitate unique educational opportunities for advanced learning and GT-related topics for students and their families
  • Community:  cultivate a strong GT community in Adams 12 Five Star Schools by creating opportunities for interactions between families, schools and the community

Link to Website:

Upcoming Events for Parents: