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Hello Thunder Vista Families 8.26.2020

Hello Thunder Vista Families,

Tomorrow, Thursday, August 27, 2020 kicks off our first day of the 2020-2021 school year. In anticipation of our first day, we want to provide you with a variety of updates, useful links, and tips that might be helpful as we all prepare for the start of the school year.

Preparing for the First Day of School and Navigating Schoology

What is Schoology and how will it help your student in the virtual learning environment this year?  It might be easiest to think of Schoology as your students’ “classroom” This is a great term in that Schoology will be the online learning platform that all students will navigate to at the beginning of each of the synchronous learning days (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays).  Students will have access to all of their classes once they log into their student portal and click on the Adams 12 Schoology homepage. This link provides a tutorial for students to follow in order to help log into and navigate Schoology at the start of the school year.  

To get started, please visit prior to the start of school tomorrow. This will allow your student to access their account and student portal which opens access to Schoology and other student applications. By clicking on the Schoology icon, students will then be able to navigate their school day. Taking these steps before the start of school tomorrow morning will provide reassurance and predictability for students, help identify potential internet connection concerns, provide familiarity with the Schoology learning platform, as well as verify that the schedule in Infinite Campus aligns with the classroom assignments indicated in Schoology. 

In addition, we will be providing technical support tomorrow, Thursday August 27, via email.  We will be doing this by grade level, and we ask that when you send an email requesting support that you send it to both parties per grade level band in order to increase the response time.

Kinder - 2nd Grade: and

3rd - 5th Grade: and 

6th - 8th Grade: and 

Infinite Campus Access for Parents

Like in years past, Infinite Campus (I.C) will still be the student information system that will house all student records.  Infinite Campus should be utilized by parents/guardians to access student schedules, grades, and attendance.  This link will direct you to the Adams 12 Infinite Campus log-in page for previous users and also has a link at the bottom of the page to sign up for an I.C. account.  

Technology Support

Students and families that are in need of technology devices or internet access can complete this form on the District webpage.  Families will need to complete this form with the exact concern and a member of the Adams 12 IT department will be in contact and help meet your needs.

Bell Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday will be synchronous learning days and students will follow the schedule shared by their grade level teachers. Wednesday will be asynchronous and students will not have a set schedule to follow. Teachers will plan learning activities to be completed by 1:40 on Wednesday.  Completion of these activities will also be used to document attendance.

As we prepare to virtually welcome students back tomorrow, we know that some of you might feel overwhelmed at the task at hand.  We hope, though, that you are also able to begin this school year with a sense of hope, optimism and confidence in your abilities as students and parents.  The staff at Thunder Vista has hit the ground running and have spent the last two weeks working, and collaborating with each other so that we all benefit from this experience.  We are excited to build trust and connections with all of you in order to provide a rewarding education experience, no matter the environment.  While this virtual learning environment is new and unfamiliar to us all, let’s not forget how resilient our students are and all they are capable of accomplishing with the proper support and guidance from the adults around them.


The Thunder Vista Staff