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Fund the HERD

Help us hit our fundraising target! 

Our Third Annual Fund The Herd Campaign kicks off on November 6th, the day before National Buffalo Day and runs through November 21st. Though our herd may be scattered, we're all Buffalo and together we can make a BIG difference for our school. Our goal is simply 100% participation. Contribute by making a direct donation, becoming a Business Sponsor, or by shopping our online School Store. 

Why are we doing a donation campaign?

A Donation Drive allows us to retain 100% of your donations for our school rather than using a fundraising platform that keeps a portion of your donation in order to facilitate.  Not cool. Our school benefits from every dollar, and as parents, we're not on-the-hook for time spent making sales. (Although if you'd like to share this link with your extended family members- we'd be thrilled!) This one event will determine the extent of other fundraising needed throughout the year. * If you'd like to make a donation of an amount not listed here, please submit a check to the front office.

Please add individual donations to your cart for each of your students and choose their teacher's name (advisory teacher for middle school) so their class receives participation credit for the campaign. The classes with the highest participation percentage will earn a special prize! Your time is equally as valuable and we sincerely appreciate all contributions you make to the Thunder Vista community.


Your Thunder Vista PTO

Fundraising Committee