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First Day of School Reminders-August 18, 2021

First Day of School Reminders-August 18, 2021

School hours:  All Students Grades K-8 Wednesday Early Release    8:00am-1:40pm

Middle School Schedule:   Wednesday's Schedule, August 18, 2021



1 Elective 1-A                     

8:00 - 9:20

2 - Core 1

9:25 - 10:15

3 - Core 2

10:19 - 11:09

4 - Core 3

11:13 - 12:03

5 - Lunch

12:06 - 12:46

6 - Core 4

12:50 - 1:40

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures
Please note - For the first day of school on Wednesday, August 18th, all elementary students will line up with their classroom teacher on the two main blacktops on the north side of the building.

Middle school students will meet one of their grade level core teachers to receive a copy of their schedule prior to entering the building. Teachers will be holding up name signs for easy identification.

If your student arrives after the final morning bell (8:00 am), there will be a staff member allowing students to enter the building until 8:10am. 

After 8:10am please drop your student off at the school’s main office at the south side of the building.

Adams 12 Five Star School will be offering free breakfast and lunch daily.

For more first day of school details, please refer to Thunder Vista Message August 13, 2021.